TKI Wind op Zee (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind) facilitates cooperation between companies, research institutions and the Dutch government in offshore wind research, innovation and deployment.

TKI Wind Op Zee

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Match Making Day TKI Wind op Zee and launch tenders 2017

Presentations are available.

Presentations are available.

Herewith you find the presentations given on Februari 15th 2017 during the private morning session:

Welcome by Ernst van Zuijlen (TKI Wind op Zee)

4 finished TKI Wind op Zee projects

8 new TKI Wind op Zee projects


Below you find the presentations of the public afternoon session:

Overview of the activities of the TKI Wind op Zee door Ernst van Zuijlen
Programme and tenders 2017 door Bob Meijer (TKI Wind op Zee)
TopSector Energie-scemes (tenders en FCFS) Do's & Don'ts door André de Boer (

Match Making meetings

Case of a project developer