TKI Wind op Zee (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind) facilitates cooperation between companies, research institutions and the Dutch government in offshore wind research, innovation and deployment.

TKI Wind Op Zee

Documents, links & films

On this page you find various publications that were made by (or in cooperations with) the TKI Wind op Zee:


Offshore wind energy, the powerplant of northwestern Europe

The Netherlands leading the way in offshore wind energy




Report: Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Progress Assessment



Report: Lifecycle and de-commissioning offshore wind

Floating wind

Market study: Floating wind

Large scale development offshore wind

Report: Large scale development of wind energy in the Netherlands, far offshore and after 2023

Offshore wind presentation

Presentation: ’Why explore the Netherlands voor offshore wind energy’’

Test en demonstration

Report: Inventory offshore wind test sites, Demand & supply in the Netherlands


Ancillary Services

Report: Ancillary services from offshore windfarms in the Netherlands

Cost reduction

Report: Cost reduction options offshore wind in the Netherland
Report: International Comparison Cost Level OFW

Underwater noise caused by pile driving

Report: workshop 1
Report: workshop 2
Report: workshop 3

Subsidy schemes & tax regimes

Report Offshore wind subsidy schemes & tax regimes in 6 European countries

Wave & tidal energy

Report: Dutch Wave & Tidal energy sector

Wind turbines

Report: Offshore wind turbine market developments in The Netherlands